Recruitment Process

Job applications to our company from different resources are evaluated carefully by the  framework of our planned labour force and necessities of the open positions. Candidates can apply for job through our web site.

Training Process

Our employees are being oriented to their jobs from the beginning by orientation and job trainings. Several training programs are provided for our employees in order to support their personal development, to increase quality and productivity, to perform the targets of Performance Management System and to be prepared for rotation and succession planing for posssible new positions.

Performance Management System

Our Blue - Collar and White – Collar employees are setting and evaulating their business goals with their administrators (directors ) based on their basic responsibilities and their goals which supports to our company 's culture according to Cimsatas Yearly Main Business Targets.

Suggestion and Award Process

All sorts of suggestions from our employees are very welcomed which certainly contributes to their active participation to our ongoing continuous improvement programm and in turn improves our internal communication efficiency.
All suggestions are carefully evaluated and awarded by the committees

Employees' Satisfaction

Our employees deserve the best and they are our most valuable asset.
Every year; Employees' Satisfaction Survey is performed in order to take their feelings and opinions formally and for the developments in the subjects ( topics ) which are open to be improved.

Our company's general satisfaction rate is %85.